Warehouse Clearance Outlet

560 Albert St., Stratford ON

How are you different from regular retail stores?

Unlike a regular retail store, stock isn't ordered. All the inventory is comprised of "deals" that the owners have sourced to sell in the Outlet. Most deals are "one-offs" and thus when they are sold out they cannot be reordered. 

Is the inventory new?

Every bit! If by chance we have sourced some item that is refurbished, we ensure it is prominently advertised as so.

How can you sell name brands at such a discount?

The owners have been in the business of sourcing deals in the wholesale/resale market for more than two decades and have contacts across North America. Inventory that is available in this market is a result of either close-outs, overstocks, new branding, new formulations and/or insurance deals.

How often do you get new inventory?

Every week! But quantities are limited as it's mostly one-off deals. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter where we highlight top deals of the week and new arrivals! Or you can follow us on facebook at StratfordWarehouseClearanceOutlet.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. However, if you find a product unsatisfactory it may be exchanged with a valid receipt. Ultimately we want to make our customers happy.

 "Best Before"  vs "Expiry" dates.

We do not any sell foods that expire. Sometimes we have products that are close to the Best-Before date, sometimes just after. Our prices are reflective. Most foods are perfectly fine long after the best-before date when unopened and stored properly. If it is a concern for you, please check dates before buying. However, it's all simply explained best below:

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560 Albert St., Stratford

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