How are you different from regular retail stores?

Most of the inventory is comprised of "deals" that the owners have sourced as a result of either close-outs, overstocks, new branding, new formulations or insurance deals.

Return policy

All sales are final. However, if you find a product unsatisfactory it may be exchanged with a valid receipt at the manager's discretion.

"Best Before"  vs "Expiry" dates.

Our shelf-stable foods have best-before dates. They do not expire. Huge difference. Sometimes we have products that are close to the best-before but our prices are reflective. Most foods are perfectly fine long after the best-before when unopened and stored properly. If it is a concern for you, please check dates before buying. Get the facts at https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-safety-for-industry/information-for-consumers/fact-sheets-and-infographics/date-labelling/eng/1332357469487/1332357545633


There are so many worthwhile causes in and around our community. We donate product or funds when and where we can. These are just a few that we have supported.

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